On April 1, 2019, RCI, Inc., a non-profit association originally incorporated in 1983 as the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI), officially became the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC). Stay tuned for more.

About RCI, Inc.

RCI, Incorporated is an international association of professional consultants, architects, and engineers who specialize in the specification and design of roofing, waterproofing and building envelope systems.

Since 1983 RCI members have offered unbiased design, repair planning, quality observance, legal testimony, and general roof management services. In March of 2006, RCI (formerly Roof Consultants Institute) expanded its mission and service scope to include waterproofing and the building envelope. This action reflects the understanding that roofing issues often influence the entire building envelope. It was discovered that in increasing frequency, RCI members are called upon to address building-wide concerns from below-grade to rooftop.

The Registered Roof Consultant (RRC), Registered Waterproofing Consultant (RWC), Registered Exterior Wall Consultant (REWC) and Registered Roof Observer (RRO) programs distinguish professionals with the proven standards of education, experience and ethics.

RCI Ontario Chapter


RCI Ontario Chapter AGM 2019

The RCI Ontario Chapter held its Annual General Meeting on February 1st at St George's Golf & Country Club in Etobicoke. The beautiful and historic venue provided the perfect backdrop for what was a busy day of activity for those who attended.

This event kicked off with current Chapter President David McMillan delivering a Call to Order and putting forth the Motion to adopt the Agenda. David then introduced the 2018 Board of Directors and thanked them for their work throughout the year. David announced that he will be vacating the position of Chapter President and that current Vice-President Shawn Irani will become the new Chapter President for 2019.

David announced that Jennifer Hogan was elected as the Region VII Director. This was fantastic news as this made Jennifer the first female Regional Director in RCI. Jennifer has long advocated for this chapter and she will certainly have the chance to do much more in her new position. She was last year's "Emerging Professional Award" winner which is a testament to how hard she works to advocate for this chapter. The Ontario Chapter is very fortunate to have her as she is a tremendous asset! It should be noted as well that Stephanie Robinson was also up for election for the Region VII Director and though she fell short on the ballots she should still be recognized for her efforts as she has done an incredible job with the National Capital Branch and she would have been a fine candidate for the Region VII Director position. These two women are to be commended for their dedication and commitment!

The 2018 Committee reports were issued by each Director and was followed by a Motion to accept Committee Reports as presented. The 2018 Financial Statements were reviewed and the new proposed 2019 budget was discussed.

Nomination forms were presented for each candidate running for the Board of Directors. The election results were announced by Jennifer Hogan introducing the new 2019 Board. The selected members are listed as follows:

Shawn Irani TSS Building Sciences Inc.
David McMillan Remy Consulting
Jennifer Hogan Pretium Anderson
Allen Lyte W. Allen Partners Inc.
Denis Theriault Goodmen Corporation
John Mills Sika Canada
Megan Kikuta Tremco Roofing
Kyle Boyce Henry Company
Russell Ibbotson Velux Canada
Mike Da Silva Can-Sky Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.
Jay Campbell Dean-Chandler Roofing Ltd.
Gary Hamilton Maritime Branch (Master Roofers Guarantee of New Brunswick)
Kevin Voorberg Tektum Group
Lora Ferrazzo-Bourck Artistic Skylights
Stephanie Robinson WSP Canada (Ottawa)

RCI Ontario Chapter Board of Directors 2019

For those who have departed the board this year such as Brian Fishburn (past Region VII Director) and David Agnew (Director at Large), the Ontario Chapter would like to thank you for your service. The Chapter benefitted greatly from your time and expertise and in Brian's case he lobbied to the International for Canadian interests and better representation among the Canadian chapters.

Before departing his post as President, David McMillan was presented with the "President Recognition Award" from Vice-President Shawn Irani. The award was well deserved as David worked extensively to ensure that the Ontario Chapter was progressing forward with long range goals set forth by the chapter. He also donated vast amounts of his time in promoting the chapter and advancing the outreach of the chapter and its affiliates.

Incoming President Shawn Irani announced that the Ontario Chapter had been granted Platinum Level for the Chapter Awards for the 2018 year from RCI Inc. which will be presented at this year's National Convention. This is great recognition for the Ontario Chapter and a testament to the hard work that was performed by all the members of the Board throughout this past year.

RCI AGM 2019

The RCI Ontario Chapter would like to acknowledge the following for their sponsorship for this event:

  • Lunch Sponsors & Cocktail Sponsor: Dean-Chandler Roofing Ltd.
  • Lunch Sponsor: Soprema

Upon completion of the AGM, there was an educational seminar on "Canadian Code Assessment Engine – Commercial Fire Code Clarity" which was presented by Brian Baird, Senior Account Manager at Dow/Dupont. It was designed to bring understanding to the complex issue of wall design and fire code conformance. Brian went through a code tool which was developed by Jensen Hughes, a code consulting firm, and in partnership with Dow, which would allow design professionals a way of providing clarity as to when, and under what circumstances foam plastics can be used in above grade walls. Brian ran through the process of how to navigate this online tool which would make it easy for design professionals to assess what type of wall insulation assemblies could be specified and meet the fire code and local building code conformances.

RCI SEMINAR – Code Assessment Engine

Curling Social

When the AGM and educational seminar wrapped up it was time for some lunch and beverages. After a lunch 20 plus members who chose to stay around took to the curling rink for a great afternoon of throwing stones. This was the third time this event was held in conjunction with the AGM and again it was an enjoyable event. It appeared that all of those who attended had a wonderful time and enjoyed the chance to unwind. Aside from the odd fall, all attendees escaped without injury and were able to walk off the ice with a smile which is really what the event was all about!

The Chapter would like to thank the Social Committee for organizing this great event.

Curling Social

Curling Social Winning Teams

Upcoming Events:

  • February 7th & 8th: "Roof Technology & Science I" at the TCA Offices in Richmond Hill. 16 CEHs.
  • April 11TH & 12th: "Professional Building Consulting" at the TCA Offices in Richmond Hill. 16 CEHs.

RCI Ontario Chapter


RCI Ontario Chapter Year End

The Ontario Chapter was rather busy over the last month hosting several events in several cities. On November 22ND – 23RD the Chapter’s Education Committee hosted the “Masonry Wall Systems” course at the TCA offices in Richmond Hill. The event was facilitated by Peter Saunders of Henry Company, Gary Osmond from Rockwool and Len Gurunlian. The two day course offered professionals who are interested in performing observations to assure exterior walls are being installed in accordance with code and specifications and the opportunity to learn more about the various systems that are available. Many thanks to Peter, Gary & Len for donating their time to provide their expertise on this diverse topic.

This event was followed up by a seminar on “The Future of Building Envelope Inspections” which was presented by the National Capital Branch in Ottawa. It was facilitated by Ted Sheridan of Fishburn Sheridan & Associates, Alex Healy & Matthew Ryan of RH Precision Unmanned Inc. It provided information on the advancements being made in the way inspections. Drone technology is expanding and the roofing industry is becoming a benefactor of its use. The Ontario Chapter would like to thank Ted, Matt and Alex for their expertise in this topic and for taking the time to present their information with all of those that attended!

On November 28, 29, 30th the Ontario Chapter had a booth at the “Building Show” which provided the chapter a chance for some exposure to building owners, property managers, architects and designers who attend this show. Thank you to all of those who participated in tending to the booth over the three days - your time was much appreciated!


On December 6, 2018 the RCI Ontario Chapter held its “Christmas Luncheon” at the Le Jardin Banquet Hall in Vaughan, Ontario. Although it was a cool and windy day in the city, it was a warm and inviting setting inside where patrons were greeted with cocktails while they mingled with their peers. The social committee invited “Dueling Pianos” to provide the musical entertainment. The duo played classic rock hits and took requests from the audience while the dessert portion of the meal was being served. By all accounts it seemed that the event was well received and this is typically a great event for the RCI Ontario Chapter and good way to end off the year.




The Ontario Chapter would like to acknowledge the following for their sponsorship for this event: Cocktail Sponsors: Crawford Roofing Corporation
Wine Sponsors: Soprema Inc. and Situra Inc.
Entertainment Sponsor: Lexsuco Corporation

As 2018 draws to a close it is worth reflecting on the year that was for the Ontario Chapter. A new President was elected at the start of the year. David McMillan deserves acknowledgement for his efforts and the leadership that he provided to the Board throughout the year and the goals/milestones that he set for the chapter going forward. The Chapter President position is very demanding on time, however, David was instrumental in RCI events throughout the year and contributed largely to the Chapter’s success. In January David will step down and Shawn Irani will become the new chapter President and with help from David the transition should be a smooth one!

The Board took on many challenges this year and implemented some new directives. The Ontario Chapter Education Committee continued to live stream the breakfast seminars which allowed those who could not attend the events to participate. The Education Committee has already started announcing seminars and workshops for this coming year. The Social Committee put on some fantastic events which included the reception night for those attending the first ever Canadian Building Envelope Symposium and the fine entertainment which accompanied the annual Christmas Luncheon. The Membership Committee continued to research new ways to attract new members, whether trying to cross-promote with other organizations or getting in touch with student outreach programs. Marketing is looking at expanding the current social media platform into other avenues in hopes that this will generate more discussion and interest in RCI related items. In general the entire 2018 Chapter Board did some promising things and all the Board members should be commended for their accomplishments.

As we look forward to 2018 there will be changing of the guard as it relates to the committee. Some existing members will move on to other things and new members will come on board. For those who will be moving on, a special thank you for your time and service and best wishes to you. 2018 should be an exciting year for the Ontario Chapter.

As the New Year dawns the Ontario Chapter will hold its Annual General Meeting in Etobicoke on February 1st at the beautiful and historic St. George’s Golf and Country Club. St George’s has hosted five (5) Canadian Open Championships and the Invictus Games inaugural golf tournament back in 2016 and hosted the AGM last year as well.

The AGM will see new appointees to the executive board via election as some of the current board members vacate their positions. Once the executive portion of the meeting has commenced the social committee has organized a curling event for those who wish to attend.


Upcoming Events

  • The Ontario Chapter will be holding its “Annual General Meeting” on February 1st, 2019 at St George’s Golf and Country Club in Toronto. This will include an education seminar to be announced shortly, followed by a curling social.
  • The Ontario Chapter Education Committee will be hosting the “Roof Technology & Science I” course. February 7 – 8, 2019 at the TCA Offices in Richmond Hill

RCI Ontario Chapter


RCI Ontario Seminar – Fire Safety

The Ontario Chapter held a seminar on “Care and Control” Who is Liable for Fire Safety? This seminar was assembled by the education committee to address the hot topic issue of fire safety as it relates to roofing. It seemed imperative to have a seminar that could discuss this topic and allow for some further conversation with regards to liability on the contractor, consultant and building owner. At the heart of the discussion was the focus on Fire Safe Roofing Practices and the relation to the Fire Code’s due diligence clause and the consequences of ignoring such. The presentation also focused on fire preventative resources.

Figure 1. Nancy MacDonald- Duncan, Assistant Chief, Fire Prevention discussing "Fire Watch"

The course was facilitated by Shawn Irani of TSS Building Science, and in conjunction with the education committee they brought in professionals in fire safety to make a presentation. Nancy MacDonald-Duncan, Assistant Chief, Fire Prevention and Life Safety with the Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services along with Andre Clafton, Captain and Acting Chief Fire Prevention Officer with York Region Fire Services were kind enough to lend their expertise in fire prevention and provide further insight into the fire code and the regulations surrounding the code.

Figure 2. Facilitator Shawn Irani - Discussing Hot Applied Applications

Open flame and torch applied roofing systems have been under some scrutiny for quite some time as many insurance companies are reluctant to provide coverage to roofing companies given the “high risk” associated with roofing and the potential for fires. The education committee was willing to take this contentious issue and have a forum for discussion regarding fire safety and the liability aspect. There seems to be parties on both sides of the open flame issue and there should certainly be further discussions regarding this issue.

This seminar was a great opportunity to shed more light on the issue and have constructive dialogue. Liability, responsibility and culpability are three major facets when addressing fire safety and having a presentation from professionals who have earned their living in fire prevention made for an interesting and informative seminar! The Ontario Chapter would like to thank both Nancy and Andre for their time and agreeing to discuss this topic with our members.

The Chapter would also like to thank the following for their table top displays at the event:

  • Tremco
  • GAF
  • Rockwool
  • SIKA

The seminar generated substantial interest with over 50 attendees on hand for the presentation and three quarters of those who attended stayed for the lunch social after the seminar. It was great to see some members of the OIRCA in attendance as well since this issue of fire safety affects the roofing industry as a whole. Thank you again to the education committee for organizing this event!

Upcoming Events

  • RCI Ontario Chapter is holding a two day course on: "Masonry Wall Systems"
    Date: November 22nd & 23rd, 2018
    Location: TCA Offices in Richmond Hill
    Guest Speakers: Peter Saunders, Gary Osmond & Len Gurunlian
  • RCI National Capital Branch (Ontario) is hosting a breakfast seminar on:
    "The Future of Building Envelope Inspections"
    Date: November 27th, 2018
    Location: The Ottawa Conference and Event Centre, Ottawa
    Guest Speakers: Alex Healy, Ted Sheridan & Matt Ryan
  • RCI Ontario Chapter’s "Annual Christmas Luncheon"
    Date: December 6th, 2018
    Location: Le Jardin Conference and Event Centre,Vaughan

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